9th probiotics, prebiotics & new foods

Main topics

Biohydrogenation of fatty acids and human health
OMICS and gut microbiota
Gut microbiota and bile acids
Gut microbiota and metabolism
Dietary diversity, gut microbiota and gut health
Molecular basis of probiotic health effects
Gut microbiota and antibiotics: a role for probiotics?
Prebiotics vs FODMAP diet
Fecal microbiota transfer
New generation probiotics
Molecular basis of probiotic health effects
Gut microbiota, probiotics and skin
Gut microbiota, probiotics and genito - urinary tract
Gut brain axis
Quality of probiotics
Probiotics in diarrhea
Antibiotics associated diarrhea
Probiotics in preterm infants
Probiotics in atopy
Probiotics in obesity, DT2, NAFLD
Food, microbiota and immunomodulation
Controlled delivery of food bioactives
Sustainable healthy food design
Food matrix and digestion
Assessment of the bioactivity of food components
Gut microbiota and drugs metabolism
Pediatric day