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Importancia de una alimentación sana precoz en la infancia para prevenir la obesidad infantil

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Childhood Obesity – World Digestive Health Day 2016

Ahead of World Digestive Health Day on May 29, United European Gastroenterology is launching a new video to highlight the vital importance of healthy early nutrition in helping to reduce the levels of childhood obesity and the burden that this inflicts on healthcare economies.

The global level of childhood obesity is increasing at a startling rate. There are an estimated 41 million children under the age of five that are obese, with this figure expected to almost double by 2025 if trends continue1. The prevalence of children that are overweight is higher in Europe than across any other continent2, and alarming research highlights that on in every three children aged 6-9 years old is either overweight or obese in 46 European countries3.

Professor Herbert Tilg, from the UEG Scientific Committee, explains; “The economic burden of treating adult obesity is just too great for the European region and priorities need to change quickly. With growing evidence of the link between early nutrition and obesity, as well as digestive health in general, we must prioritise research and focus our resources on prevention strategies, educating policy makers and members of the public on the importance of healthy nutrition from a young age”.

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