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WGO's "Management of Strongyloidiasis" Guideline now available in Spanish

Publicado el 01/03/2019 a las 14:43

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The Spanish translation of the updated “Management of Strongyloidiasis” Guideline has just been published -- Manejo de la estrongiloidiasis. It can be accessed at

La estrongiloidiasis es una infección por Strongyloides stercoralis, una lombriz que se encuentra ampliamente presente en áreas tropicales y subtropicales, pero también en países con climas templados.

This updated WGO Guideline, under the leadership of Professor Michael Farthing (UK), includes cascades: a hierarchical set of diagnostic, therapeutic, and management options for dealing with risk and disease, ranked by the resources available. WGO guidelines and cascades are intended to highlight appropriate, context-sensitive, and resource-sensitive management options for all geographical areas, regardless of whether they are “developing,” “semi-developed,” or “developed.” WGO cascades are context-sensitive, and the context is not necessarily defined solely by resource availability. Cascade options both for diagnosis and management of strongyloidiasis are key, and represent the most important part of this document.

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