Ofertas de trabajo

Bologna Health Jobs requires a Gastroenterology REGISTRAR doctors for IMMEDIATE JOB VACANCIES

Incorporation: JULY 2019


  • Initial contract up to July 2019. Big opportunities to get a Consultants position after this first contract in Ireland if on the specialist Registrar of the IMC. Consultant doctors in Ireland typically earn up to 200.000€/year (10.000€+ NET/ month).
  • Annual total gross salary for Registrars of 100.000-110.000€. Approximate net monthly salary of 4500-5000€ net/month after tax and pension deductions for Registrar positions.
  • Public holidays (there is 9 in a year).
  • 3 weeks holidays every semester for registrar posts.
  • 18 days per semester maximum to attend conferences and courses for Registrar posts.
  • Good working conditions and environment.
  • Allowance for children of 140€/month*child can be obtained once you become a resident if you have children under your responsibility.
  • Very high quality of public schools free of charge.

Interested candidates must meet the following criteria;

  • Have at least 4-5 years relevant experience in Gastroenterology
  • Be registered with the Irish Medical Council on the General or Specialist Registrar. If NOT yet registered we will help all candidates deemed suitable to do this (please take into account this process can take up to 3 months).
  • Fluent English ( WE RECOMMEND TO PASS THE IELTs EXAM- band 7 is essential for this post or OET with at least grade B).

If you are an experienced doctor, there is a demand for your skills and experience in Ireland right now and you can look forward to interviewing and ultimately working with some of the best hospitals in Europe.


All candidates who are interested should send a detailed CV in English to the following e-mail address: viviana@bolgonahealthjobs.com. Extra and more precise information on the job places will be given once we receive the CVs.